the courses I teach

I've been a university professor for 15+ years, teaching courses from developmental literacy to graduate seminars. I think I enjoy teaching entry level and general education courses the most because they embody the quintessential values of personal inquiry and informed skepticism. Below is a list of the courses I have offered since 1988. As soon as I can clean up the files, I will link all these courses to their content and course schedules.  If you are interested in knowing more about any of these classes, please send me an email and I will be happy to share the course syllabi and documents.

    @ Western Washington University
English 101, Writing and Critical Inquiry
English 202, Writing about Literature
English 203, Writing in the Context of the Humanities and Social Sciences
English 301, Writing Studies
English 371, Studies in Rhetoric and Rhetorical Analysis
English 401, Senior Seminar in Rhetoric
English 442, Studies in Literacy and Learning
English 513, Teaching College Composition
English 598, Research in the Teaching of English
Numerous Independent Study courses graduate (Eng 500) and undergraduate (Eng 400)

        @ California State University, Fresno
English A, Fundamental Writing Skills
English 103, Masterpieces of American Literature
English 160W, Writing Workshop
English 164, Advanced Prose Writing
English 270, Writing Workshop for Teachers
English 281, Current Writing Theory
English 282, Pedagogy Practicum
English 290T, Supervised Independent Study
English 291T, Supervised Independent Reading
English 299, Thesis & Thesis Workshop

         @ University of Rochester
English 100, Introduction to College Writing
English 102, English Language
English 103, Writing and Thinking 
English 104, Fictions and Realities
English 105, Ventures in Composition: Social and Biological Determinants of Behavior (interdisciplinary linked course)
 English 572, Ph.D. Supervised Teaching Practicum

         @ California State University, Chico
English 17, Basic Writing Workshop